Converged billing system for business monetization and development of digital ecosystems

IN@Voice is a well-established solution for long-term technological development, which allows you to focus on the implementation of business strategy in the context of the dynamic development of digital technologies.

Key features

IN@Voice is a customizable tool designed to produce new high-yield comprehensive services used in various business models (B2C/B2B/B2B2X. The Bercut solution provides the operators with multiple opportunities for integrated billing (including the new gen 5G networks), loyalty programs and performing scrupulous mutual settlements with partners.

Converged billing system provides automatic processing of data on a wide range of services provided and a charging system in prepaid and postpaid modes comprehensible for every subscriber, regardless of the set of services used (mobile or fixed-line communication, television, content services, etc. ).Thanks to In@Voice, the subscribers can choose from a range of unique offers based on their personal needs within a single billing period. In@Voice is not limited to a single currency or tax scheme, and the operator can flexibly manage the company's resources, creating a sets of services at the point of sale.

As part of the Convergent BSS delivery Bercut offers own provisioning module for integration with external components (HLR, MSC, AUC, etc.).

  • contract and PAYG billing (5G Ready)
  • multi-currency
  • individual billing plans
  • unified settlement period for all services
  • multi-balance
  • use of ESIM, DSA
  • loyalty programs
  • constructor of accounts
  • provisioning
  • roaming
  • base reporting
  • cloud operation is possible
  • OCS horizontal scalability
  • high fault tolerance (the solution is licensed for up to 60 million subscribers)

Business value




increase, due to individual personalized offers


optimization of resources


sale of composite kits


best possible Total Cost of Ownership

How it works?

Converged billing system has a modular architecture, it integrates into the IT landscape of telecom operators easily and quickly, and can be installed remotely.

Using the unique features of In@Voice, the operator gets a universal tool to provide subscribers with a rich selection of communication services and create personalized offers. All the subscriber has to do is to choose the preferred set.

All the solutions are scalable and meet the needs of any CSP.
(from Tier 1 to Tier 4)


 The support of the In@Voice provided by Bercut experts makes its use effective and unleashes its potential to make unique products in line with the technological perspective(5G/ IoT / Clouds/ M2M / Partnership Management / Event Management).

Bercut’s business model based on partnership and flexible pricing help the operator to optimize the costs on implementing a convergent billing system and eliminate possible risks.

Usage scenarios

Success stories
Virtual Phone Number
Improved privacy
Control over incoming calls and messages
Better ARPU
Improved NPS/CSI
The Virtual Number service allows you to provide your subscribers with increased privacy and control over incoming calls and messages. This service is useful for customers who want to keep their personal and business contacts separate and their primary phone number confidential.
Billing System Replacement for a Tajikistan Operator
Substitution of a European solution
Lower ownership costs
Less failures and errors
Overnight migration
Optimal offer
Bercut has worked with Tacom LLC for more than 17 years, the inception of the partnership dating back to 2006, when the operator still used the Beeline trademark. The vendor proved to be an experienced and reliable partner with a high level of expertise. Bercut solutions have shown to be stable, scalable, and business-oriented.
Long-lasting partnership
2+ M active subscriber base
billing system replacement
developing the ecosystem of partner services
VoLTE technology launch
transition to a new standard of digital communications
new sources of revenue
The history of a 21-year partnership between Bercut and a communication service provider operating in 4 regions of the Russian Federation.
The story of a startup's development
570 000 subscribers
790 subscribers (during the holiday period)
10% transitions on MNP
the largest subscriber base in the assigned territory
In December 2015, Bercut partnered in launch of a mobile operator in a resort zone of one of the CIS countries.
How Sber and Bercut created the most innovative MVNO
growth of revenue by 3.5 times
the Most Innovative MVNO at the MVNO Awards 2020
> 1 M subscribers
full MVNO
In September 2018, a new mobile virtual network operator was introduced to the Russian telecom market ― SberMobile by Sberbank. Two years later it was recognized as the Most Innovative MVNO at the MVNO Awards 2020. The operator was created by the largest Russian bank in close cooperation with Bercut, an international provider of solutions for CSPs.
02 April 2024
IN@Voice Convergent Billing System, Solution for Telecom Business Expansion

Daniil Fedotov, Product Manager at the Russian software developer Bercut, a technology partner to companies in digital transformation for over 28 years, spoke about the features and importance of the IN@Voice convergent billing system in creating operators’ competitive digital products and ecosystems.

02 April 2024
What is Customization and Why Digital Businesses Need it?

Customization is an essential feature in a modern BSS solution, according to Bercut, a digitization and telecom business development partner.

22 March 2024
100 % of Bercut Customers Customize Their Own Business Processes

Bercut’s approach is to provide operators with the technology framework for implementing a winning market strategy that responds to the main global trends: revenue diversification and service convergence.

17 October 2023
Bercut representatives explained how to achieve plans to ensure technological sovereignty in the communications industry

During the pitch session of the joint demo day organized by “Mobile Communications” and “Fixed Communication” Competence Industrial Centers, one of the leading Russian developers of software for telecoms business development, Bercut, shared its approach enabling accelerated realization of plans to ensure technological sovereignty in the communications industry and how to effectively do it.

27 December 2022
Bercut helps Tele2 create new products under other rules

Bercut remained in the shadow of Tele2 for a long time. The technological solutions delivered by the company to Tele2 have drastically changed the performance of that telecom giant. Making payments by a smartphone, retaining a mobile number after switch to another operator and selling unused traffic — all those services have been successfully implemented, also due to Bercut involvement as a BSS partner.

20 January 2022
Building up a successful MVNO

Today, many business leaders consider launching their own MVNO to enhance the ecosystem of customer services. What challenges do those companies face and what tools should they use to successfully launch an MVNO?

28 October 2021
Bercut helps SberMobile to expand the range of services

Bercut has installed a new version of the Service Catalog into the Production Env of SberMobile, which is part of Sberbank ecosystem. The full-featured solution allows this cutting edge virtual operator to reduce the time-to-market for new services.

27 October 2021
Billing evolution and trends in telecom

Billing systems enable calculating subscription fees and issuing bills to each subscriber, storing comprehensive tariff data and history of subscriber’s actions, and supporting mutual settlements with other service providers.

09 September 2020
Bercut has reached a new level of software quality

The company is celebrating its 25th anniversary with a technological achievement, providing Tele2 with an absolutely error-free implementation of a major release of the IN@Voice billing system. The success was a consistent result of an inclusive approach and work in partnership.

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