What is Customization and Why Digital Businesses Need it?

02 April 2024
12 min to read

Customization is an essential feature in a modern BSS solution, according to Bercut, a digitization and telecom business development partner.

For more than 28 years, Bercut has been an IT partner to companies on their way to digital transformation. Bercut’s team consists of hundreds of high-tech professionals who, thanks to their experience and expertise, deliver industry-specific, business-oriented software solutions for telecom operators in the global market.

The great thing is that Bercut BSS/OSS solution allows for independent customization, i.e. adaptation of current business processes to meet the specific business objectives performed by the operator’s internal staff. Telecom operators have such basic business processes as subscriber registration, charging, calculation & billing, service ordering, and many others. Bercut BSS/OSS solution, the convergent billing system IN@Voice, provides customization points for each of the business process; it allows the user to add their own logic into a business process at any point and every stage of implementation.

For example, let’s look at subscription fee charging:

The subscription fee per month is more than X c.u.

Having verified the customer’s category, and based on this category, as well as on the actual consumption of services in the past period, the operator can offer a discount, automatically generate and send a relevant notification.

Similar scenarios that use customization points may be implemented in every business process running on Bercut IN@Voice convergent billing system. Remarkably, not every vendor of software for telecom business is currently prepared to provide so many customization points that can be handled by the operator’s staff. The primary advantage for the user is that this eliminates the need to involve the vendor in changing business processes. Simply take the basic processes in the billing system and customize them for the operator’s specific needs. Only if requested by the customer, the system’s developer can handle it.

This results not only in shorter time-to-market, but also in reducing the operator’s costs, which would have been incurred as a result of rework on the part of the system developer. The company is becoming digitally more independent and, regardless of the rapidly changing and turbulent market conditions, it flexibly adjusts its business processes to the day-ahead conditions. For Armenian communication service providers, Bercut provides a choice of DBMS and hardware resources on which the solution will run.

Operator’s digital autonomy is an opportunity to be independent of a particular vendor’s technology stack and resources. To know that the chosen solution will cover all the business requirements of the company for many years to come.

The IN@Voice convergent billing system is a modern solution to cover the needs of any operator: fixed, mobile, convergent. As an IT partner for business development, Bercut provides a wide range of products that provide full convergence, i.e. provision of multiple services in a single bundle.

Daniil Fedotov, Lead Product Manager Bercut “We enable the operators to independently choose the methods and tools of how they want to develop their business, and the subscribers ⎯ to choose the services they want to use on a daily basis.”

Convergent Tariff Plan Construction Kit

As part of the BSS/OSS solution, Bercut provides an extra feature, a convergent tariff plan construction kit. This is another flexible tool for T2M reduction; it allows the operator to immediately generate product offers for end users without having to restructure its business processes.

The key part of this is the initial ‘tariff plan construction kit’ and a concept called ‘assemblies’. The ‘assemblies’ is a set of services that vary from the initial tariff plan construction kit by certain parameters: cost, duration of service period, and a set of active services. Using assemblies, the operator creates a product offer, i.e. a range of services for the subscriber to choose the most relevant for him/her individually. Tariff plan construction kit includes calculation of the total subscription fee and the option to customize the matrix of dependencies between basic and extra services to ensure that mutual settlements with the subscriber for all services provided are covered by a single payment. In other words, it provides full convergence.

Daniil Fedotov, Lead Product Manager Bercut “For customers’ convenience, we have developed a convergent tariff plan that unifies the operator’s range of plans.”


High competition and strong intelacing of the traditional model of mobile service delivery with OTP and digital services make telecom operators most sensitive to global trends, such as convergence and revenue diversification. For sustainable development of telecom business in the context of those trends, mobile operators need to stay flexible in choosing the technological stack to base further development of the company on, apply modern and multifunctional tools, reducing T2M of unique products and services. In addition, operators need to be digitally independent, as an insurance against external conditions and market turbulence. That is why having customization points in a modern solution is more than recommended, it’s a must-have for Bercut partners. Moreover, learning IN@Voice and its features is gaining added value and is increasingly attractive for in-house developers.