Fake Call

is a system for informing subscribers about missed calls

Key benefits

The system analyzes the signal traffic  to  detect a failed attempt of a voice connection between subscribers A and B, determines the type and affiliation of each subscriber to a specific operator and responds to the event according to the scenario settings: generates a call or an SMS notification of a missed call from another subscriber.  

  • detecting series of events (No funds/busy/unavailable/connection error established, etc.)
  • analysis of successful connections (to exclude unnecessary notifications and evaluate the effectiveness of MCA: the percentage of successful attempts)
  • flexible management of policies for interacting with the subscribers
  • interaction with subscribers of other CSPs
  • applying criteria when informing subscribers (belonging to the operator, billing plan, ARPU and others)

Business value


increasing NPS by keeping the subscribers informed and providing a useful service


growth – stimulation of interconnection


spending call minutes within the CSP’s network

How it works?

Fake Call use cases: 

  • if subscriber A does not have enough funds on the account to make a call;
  • subscriber B’s line is busy;
  • subscriber B is unavailable;
  • temporary network problems (for example: network breakdown);
  • subscriber A cancels the call before the connection was established. 

The system detects and responds to the event according to the configured scenarios: sends a call on behalf of subscriber A with an instant hang up or sends a notification with SMS to subscriber B. 

Subscriber B receives information about a missed call, which urges him/her to call back to subscriber A. 

In case of a failed attempt of subscriber B to make a call to subscriber A, another attempt is made using the configurable timer. If after the set time and a certain number of attempts the call fails to establish. The system will generate an SMS- notification on behalf of subscriber B to the "unavailable" subscriber A.


Usage scenarios

Success stories
Market by Tele2
2.5 M subscribers per month
internet traffic volume over 1 PB
> 50 M minutes and 400 K SMS were put up for sale
> 1 M lots
On September 25th, 2019, Tele2 and Bercut, the provider of Business Support Systems, announced the launch of a one-of-a-kind product Market based on the IN@Voice billing system. It is the first and the only online platform where subscribers can buy and sell minutes and gigabytes.
27 December 2022
Bercut helps Tele2 create new products under other rules

Bercut remained in the shadow of Tele2 for a long time. The technological solutions delivered by the company to Tele2 have drastically changed the performance of that telecom giant. Making payments by a smartphone, retaining a mobile number after switch to another operator and selling unused traffic — all those services have been successfully implemented, also due to Bercut involvement as a BSS partner.

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