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Market by Tele2

On September 25th, 2019, Tele2 and Bercut, the provider of Business Support Systems, announced the launch of a one-of-a-kind product Market based on the IN@Voice billing system. It is the first and the only online platform where subscribers can buy and sell minutes and gigabytes.

2.5 M subscribers per month internet traffic volume over 1 PB > 50 M minutes and 400 K SMS were put up for sale > 1 M lots
How Sber and Bercut created the most innovative MVNO

In September 2018, a new mobile virtual network operator was introduced to the Russian telecom market ― SberMobile by Sberbank. Two years later it was recognized as the Most Innovative MVNO at the MVNO Awards 2020. The operator was created by the largest Russian bank in close cooperation with Bercut, an international provider of solutions for CSPs.

growth of revenue by 3.5 times the Most Innovative MVNO at the MVNO Awards 2020 > 1 M subscribers full MVNO
Hypothesis Testing Lab

Businesses often wonder how to increase the volume and quality of their services, how to generate maximum end-user demand, how to integrate with partners to provide services and yet optimize the time and resources required to launch them.

The prime costs of product development reduced by 15–30% Business process automation Launch of convergent services accelerated by 30%
Notifying Partner Banks of Changes in the Subscriber Status

Security of banking services is becoming more and more relevant. To reduce fraud risks and protect customer privacy, banks not only need to modernize their security systems but also have up-to-date data on customer behavior.

business diversification Big Data development security and reduction of fraud risks personalized offers
Bank Scoring System

To adequately assess borrowers’ reliability and automatically take decisions on their applications, banks and microcredit organizations use data-based scoring. Part of this data comes from partners, for example, mobile network operators.

business diversification Big Data development customer’s financial picture security personalized offers
Group discounts

Yet another successful project has been carried out by Bercut for Mobile Telecom-Service LLC, a mobile network operator in Kazakhstan serving millions of subscribers. With the new “Profit together” service based on Bercut platforms, subscribers can get group discounts on monthly fee. The service is one-of-a-kind in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

service penetration ― 0.2% for 1.5 months TTM reduced by 30% launch of a complex integration product implementation period ― 6 months
 Long-lasting partnership

The history of a 21-year partnership between Bercut and a communication service provider operating in 4 regions of the Russian Federation.

2+ M active subscriber base billing system replacement developing the ecosystem of partner services VoLTE technology launch transition to a new standard of digital communications new sources of revenue

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