100 % of Bercut Customers Customize Their Own Business Processes

22 March 2024
10 min to read

Bercut’s approach is to provide operators with the technology framework for implementing a winning market strategy that responds to the main global trends: revenue diversification and service convergence.

According to Gartner, in 2023, business diversification is a key element of the strategy of fast-growing companies. They are experimenting with business concepts and business models, drawing on experience from other industries and focusing on digital technologies. Telecom operators in Kazakhstan are now moving towards a similar strategy, transforming from a simple source of traffic, minutes, gigabytes and SMS to a single point of access for subscribers to a diverse set of services. To move beyond the usual area activity operators can by attracting partners and developing convergent tariffs, i.e. packages that include several options in one: mobile communication, high-speed cable Internet, TV, cloud storage, movie and others. Subscribers find such plans very convenient as they are able to pay for all services in a single subscription. Stepping into this area, the operators must ensure a technology base that will allow them to provide tailored, flexible offers for customers, and introduce them to the market as quickly as possible.

Bercut, a software developer for telecommunications business, offers Kazakhstan operators a range of IT solutions with built-in customization points at every business process. In addition to economic feasibility of such approach, the operators gain a faster T2M, as well as an option to unify the tariff plans of the range. In other words, they can make customized offers and provide subscribers with tools to select only the services they need within a limited number of active tariff plans.

The Bercut IN@Voice billing system allows one to deploy the convergent tariff constructor feature. The vendor’s flagship BSS solution is designed for business monetization and development of digital ecosystems; its modular architecture is easily and quickly integrated into the IT environment of telecom operators, and can be installed remotely. The solution allows one to tailor tariff plans, e.g., for a specific advertising campaign, using the product offer constructor feature for marketers ⎯ without the need to involve the vendor’s team or in-house IT staff.

Operating a convergent tariff constructor is easy. The operator has access to a certain number of services ⎯ its own and partner’s. Based on them, the operator can construct an unlimited number of offers, changing the price, the package of services and their validity period in each of them. To enable operators to flexibly manage their product offerings, the developers made the baseline convergent tariff plan, and also provided for integration with external and internal business systems.

With the Bercut’s IN@Voice solution, you can time your campaign to align with a youth sports event and offer, for example, a discounted Internet package. In this case, the solution user only needs to select services with a limited validity period using a simple interface; once the validity period is over, the subscriber will automatically switch back to the original tariff offer.

Daniil Fedotov, Lead Product Manager Bercut:

“We offer operators a hybrid format of work: they can customize solutions involving either their own staff or the Bercut team. Nevertheless, currently most of our partners choose to develop the solutions independently, implementing the digital autonomy principle. If the operator adheres to refining the solution in custom points according to the standard software development cycle, including regular refactoring, code review and other essential procedures, Bercut with confidence guarantees stable operation of the system and its efficiency.”