Welcome SMS

system informs subscribers about changes in the terms of service when registering in the visited network

Upon detecting change of region, WSMS sends the subscriber a notification with full information about the billing terms and additional services available. This makes the service process transparent for subscribers and stimulates the consumption of mobile services when roaming.

Key benefits

The message is formed individually, based on various parameters, such as: billing plan, service area, country of registration, type of client (B2B or B2C), active services, language, ARPU, balance of services package and many others. 

  • detecting сhange of registration area (country, region. etc.) of the subscriber
  • detecting registration of visiting subscribers in the operator's network
  • detecting registration of the operator’s subscribers in the visited network or a partner network (for partner cases)
  • detecting registration of returning subscribers in the operator's network (for greeting)
  • detecting the first registration of the subscriber in the network (greetings and instructions)
  • possibility to obtain additional criteria (ARPU, postpaid/prepaid, Group, etc.) from other systems

Business value


growth due to promotion and stimulation to use services when roaming


transparent and favorable conditions for subscribers


reduction of costs and mitigation of reputational risks associated with violations of the law

How it works?

There are two options for WSMS to work with subscribers:

  • Welcome SMS - designed for guest subscribers. After registering in the operator's network, the guest subscriber receives a text message informing him/her that s/he is being served by a particular CSP.
  • Bon Voyage SMS – allows a subscriber who has left the home network to receive welcome messages with terms of use and useful information after registering in the visited network.
  1. When a subscriber gets out of his/her home network and enters the area of temporary stay (visited network), and connects to the visited network,
  2. Welcome SMS system individually generates a message for the subscriber (for each country and network of the telecom operator). For example, the message may include: a telephone number of the customer service center, information about billing plans or an offer to use additional services in this area.
  3. The subscriber receives an SMS-notification about the fact of registration in the network of the roaming partner with additional information.

Common functionality:

  • the texts of the messages are formed based on a set of rules and conditions that meet certain criteria.
  • it is possible to use templates for forming the text of messages, use macros, deliver additional parameters (criteria)
  • rules, texts, criteria setting via UI 
  • storing all versions of rules, versions log, etc.
  • multi-language SMS-notifications
  • possible use of templates, substitutions, masks
  • storing information about mobile networks, grouping and categorizing them
  • storing data about the boundaries of mobile networks
  • managing the criteria directories through the UI.
  • ability to fine-tune areas. A single area may include a part of a country or multiple countries. 
  • "Black" and "White lists" of subscribers.
  • configurable frequency of repeated notification sending
  • storing history of registrations

With the help of WSMS, the operator informs subscribers, promotes its services when roaming and minimizes reputational risks when resolving controversial issues with subscribers.

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