Bercut helps SberMobile to expand the range of services

28 October 2021
The Service Catalog is designed to manage the entire life cycle of the company’s products and billing information. This comprehensive IT solution is able to integrate with any system of the customer.
“Bercut strives to provide its clients with tools that will be successfully solving their business tasks”, comments Andrey Bogdanov, Bercut CEO. – The new version of the installed solution enables SberMobile to easily and quickly expand the range of its services. Not only does it meet the current requirements of the customer, but it’s a step ahead of its possible needs”
The Service Catalog was installed in SberMobile along with the operator’s launch in 2018. The commissioning of the new version of the software was completely remote.

About SberMobile
SberMobile is one of the largest digital services operators in Russia and part of the Sber ecosystem. It has the largest in Russia communication platforms for SMS, voice and video traffic. It also provides customers with IoT solutions (Industrial Internet of Things), smart cities, and industrial automation. Since 2019, the company has been providing professional telematics and service services for leasing companies, corporate parks and government customers based on its own telematics platform Smart Telematics Platform.