The story of a startup's development
570 000 subscribers
790 subscribers (during the holiday period)
10% transitions on MNP
the largest subscriber base in the assigned territory
In December 2015, Bercut partnered in launch of a mobile operator in a resort zone of one of the CIS countries.


develop the operator’s IT landscape
design the business models and billing plans
launch the new mobile operator
MNP (Mobile Number Portability) service
flexible billing and QoS for mobile internet
analytics and management statements


Per advice of a Russian operator, one of the Big Four telecom operators, the company launching a startup contacted Bercut. Theу purchased a set of products necessary for starting a new provider.

The equipment was promptly installed in Bercut’s server rooms. The project was a unique experience of launching a mobile operator remotely. The entire configuration and integration with the switching equipment was done remotely via the direct VPN channel. However, the customer replaced the vendor of the switching equipment, and the completion of this stage was postponed. 

Bercut engineers arrived at the customer’s site for designing the local network in April, 2016. The professional team built the IT landscape, briefed the cutomer's IT and marketing specialists, helped develop business models and a line of data plans, and kept on consulting remotely. It was as early as June 2016 that the company brought a brand-new mobile operator to the market, and in just a year the number of its active subscribers exceeded 50000.

In 2017, Bercut promptly made changes to the operator’s billing system, and its potential subscribers could now switch to the carrier keeping their phone number using the MNP, Mobile Number Portability service.

That year became an important milestone for Bercut as well: it installed the platform for mobile broadband Internet charging and policy management – PCRF (Policy and Charging Rules Function) at the customer’s site for the first time. The integration of the product allowed the operator to customize the mobile Internet to meet the needs of its subscribers, adjusting the bandwidth if necessary per the specified criteria, as well as to create a line of data plans, according to which customers can choose plans with different amounts of data and mobile Internet speed. The platform setting was carried out under commercial loading while the product was being used by subscribes, and it also added to the uniqueness of the project. Besides, it imposed exceptional criticality and additional risks in case of a failure, that is why Bercut team carried out all the work independently without involving the customer’s IT department.

In Q4’2018 the startup decided to implement more products from Bercut, namely Business Intelligence (BI) & Analytics Suite – a set of tools for storing, building and evaluating analytical models, as well as making effective management and business decisions. Those products allowed the operator to run management statements in the form of reviews on the subscriber base development (life-time value, revenue, average revenue per user, etc.), analyze the consumption of various types of traffic and their impact on revenue.

At the first stage of implementation, data from the operator's billing was consolidated, and at the second stage, data from third-party customer systems was retrieved. The whole process took only 3 months, and at the end of 2018 yet another successful project was launched into commercial operation.



convergent billing system for business monetization and development of digital ecosystems


complex self-service system


unified payment system

Policy and Charging Rules Function

PCRF is a platform for managing policies of service provisioning and customer service quality

Business Intelligence (BI) & Analytics Suite

a set of tools for storing, building and evaluating analytical models


Today, the operator can boast the largest subscriber base in the assigned territory. The operator provides services and creates interesting and profitable products for its clients in partnership with Bercut.

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