Unified Payment System

A full-fledged business solution that allows telecom operators to deploy a partner network for receiving payments in a short time and provide subscribers with mobile commerce services

The solution has been enabling payment services of Russia/CIS operators for over 10 years.

Key features

UPS links subscribers' bank and mobile accounts, allowing the telecom operator to carry out mobile commerce operations and provide subscribers with the ability  to  pay for  goods and services  from the mobile device account.   
The multifunctional solution will allow you to quickly deploy a partner network for accepting payments and regularly replenish the list of partners, enabling the necessary business processes of the operator: registration and further management of the resellers (their contacts and the technical settings of integration), controlling the reseller’s account. Also the system is able to prevent fraudulent attempts, tracking the operations of the reseller’s employees.  

Thanks to building blocks design of the system, the operator can independantly selevt an individual set of services and configure the required functionality.

The platform architecture unifies the operator's business process and facilitate sand simplifies  integration,  which significantly accelerates the launch of new  products and services of the  operator.

  • a wide range of payment services
  • tuning agility of processes and integrations
  • fast deployment of the system
  • reliability

Business value




additional income from mobile commerce


reduction maintenance and integration of payment services costs


growth of NPS due to the bonus systems



How it works?

The solution is presented in the form of separate integration gateways with unified processes built on a single technological platform. Separated by functional building blocks, it allows the operator to choose the configuration that is most suitable for solving the set business problems.


— enables crediting of funds received through the partner network to the subscriber's personal account in the billing system.

Mobile commerce is a service for subscribers that allows to make payments for various services (other than communication services) using the mobile phone.

PaidCard and Card Activator — enables the full life cycle of advance cards, express payment cards, electronic vouchers and promo codes. 

Additional services

BalanceTransfer - transfer funds from one mobile account to the account of another subscriber. 

Auto payment - automatically replenish the personal mobile account of the subscriber from his bank card when the balance threshold is reached. 

Loyalty program – based on the bonus system and cashback.

UPS Bercut contributes to the expansion of the partner ecosystem and ensures the growth of the operator's profits.

Usage scenarios

Success stories
The story of a startup's development
570 000 subscribers
790 subscribers (during the holiday period)
10% transitions on MNP
the largest subscriber base in the assigned territory
In December 2015, Bercut partnered in launch of a mobile operator in a resort zone of one of the CIS countries.
How Sber and Bercut created the most innovative MVNO
growth of revenue by 3.5 times
the Most Innovative MVNO at the MVNO Awards 2020
> 1 M subscribers
full MVNO
In September 2018, a new mobile virtual network operator was introduced to the Russian telecom market ― SberMobile by Sberbank. Two years later it was recognized as the Most Innovative MVNO at the MVNO Awards 2020. The operator was created by the largest Russian bank in close cooperation with Bercut, an international provider of solutions for CSPs.
27 December 2022
Bercut helps Tele2 create new products under other rules

Bercut remained in the shadow of Tele2 for a long time. The technological solutions delivered by the company to Tele2 have drastically changed the performance of that telecom giant. Making payments by a smartphone, retaining a mobile number after switch to another operator and selling unused traffic — all those services have been successfully implemented, also due to Bercut involvement as a BSS partner.

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