Business Rules Engine

is an automated system for intelligent response to events

The platform analyzes the flow of events entering BRE from external systems in real time. By matching the parameters and criteria of events, BRE chooses a suitable response model to these events and executes user-configured scripts.

Key benefits

A ready-to-use set of microservices (events, directories, actions) that are components of the platform will allow the business user to independently configure the scripts that will be executed by the BRE. With the convenient web-interface that supports the concept of no code, a user who has no programming skills will be able to create, test and monitor the execution of new scripts in the business environment.

Possible use cases: 
creation and promotion of services 
The platform manages sending notifications and evaluates the criteria for targeted offers, implementing the planned customer journey map: 

  • automatically enables an additional package of services for the subscriber when zero balance is reached,
  • offers special rates and services when the subscriber is roaming,
  • if a subscriber fails to connect to a service, it analyzes reasons for failure and provides the subscriber with recommendations on further actions for connection
  • and others. 

Several actions can be performed within one scenario, for example:  sending a notification to the subscriber, transferring information about this action to another system (for example, to CRM), connecting the service. 

automation of internal processes 
By setting up a scenarios you can automate internal processes: upon detection or receipt of non-standard events, the system will respond automatically. For example: This mechanics can be used to manage fraud, disable services, warn about reaching the limit on the billing plan, manage QoS, as well as for automation of data collection or to make up a personalized offer to a subscriber who is about to cancel subscription with the CSP.
organizating work with partners 

BRE allows to offer partner services to the subscriber when a certain event occurs basing on the set criteria.

unified event processing system 
BRE will allow the operator to build an omnichannel interaction with the subscriber, focusing primarily on CJM (Customer Journey map), introducing a new approach to the creation and promotion of products and digital services by aggregating events from different systems.

  • creation and promotion of services
  • automation of internal processes
  • organizating work with partners
  • unified event processing system

Business value


generated by promoting targeted products and processing events


cost optimization (due to no code, prompt response to incidents, etc.), reducing the load on call-centre, centralization of business processes


quickly create, test, and modify the existing products and business processes

Total Experience (TX)

convenience for employees, convenience of interaction for subscribers


subscribers' loyalty due to timely information and solution of subscriber's problems

How it works?

The system processes the flow of events

  1. Event Flow Analysis
  2. Comparison of criteria
  3. Deciding on the right model for the system's response to each event
  • External systems generate a flow of events that is pre-processed by microservices.
  • A certain event enters the BRE, where it is processed according to the configured scenarios and rules in them. BRE reaches out to external systems to obtain and match criteria and additional data for processing.
  • When all conditions match, BRE determines what actions to take within the scenario.

To perform actions, BRE can access external systems, for example: to send a message, enable a services and other responses to events.
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