Bercut has reached a new level of software quality

09 September 2020
1 min. to read

The company is celebrating its 25th anniversary with a technological achievement, providing Tele2 with an absolutely error-free implementation of a major release of the IN@Voice billing system. The success was a consistent result of an inclusive approach and work in partnership.

Implementation of a new software version is a complex process, and when integrating an update into the operator's business processes, errors almost inevitably occur. The joint work of Bercut and Tele2 divisions ensured high quality unique for the industry: business acceptance of the new version of the IN@Voice flagship product returned zero errors.

"The business tandem of Tele2 and Bercut has been keeping the industry on its toes for 17 years, developing solutions that have a significant impact on the sector. A new level of quality is becoming the basic standard of our relationship. We are proud to have achieved it while saving the release time and increasing the amount of changes in releases," comments Andrey Bogdanov, Bercut CEO.

A billing system is a cornerstone to operator’s business processes. Bercut is constantly developing its product, ensuring compliance with market requirements and technical standards. The development of each subsequent release of IN@Voice for Tele2 proceeds in parallel with the implementation of a current up-to-date version. Regular billing update enables expanding and optimizing the system functionality, which means that the operator can develop new services and improve the QoS for subscribers."