Bercut Test Engine

is a system for automated testing of the BSS billing system (IN@Voice) and the external environment

With the BTE system, the telecom operator creates autotests, maintains the correct operation of the billing and rating systems TAR@SCP, and also performs internal testing of products.

Key benefits

  • testing new products based on previously created actions – supports automatization of new products creation
  • automated preliminary preparation of the environment for testing (creating Services/Billing Plans/Subscribers)
  • using Jenkins (open source system) to launch and run test projects
  • automatic clearing of the environment after the tests
  • automation of product configuration on the data base when new versions are delivered
  • provision of autotests according to the pre-agreed method of acceptance tests
  • scripts and test scripts in Python

Business value


reduced costs on regression testing


reduced TTM for new products integration


reduced costs associated with product errors

How it works?

A user of the system creates a test plan in Python using a ready-to-use set of commands (methods and classes) for the billing system and the Online Charging System (OCS). 
  1.  The test plan is uploaded to the server and run using Jenkins (open source system for starting and maintaining test projects - test plans).
  2. The system calls various modules that perform certain actions to process the generated test plan. 
  3. According to the test plan, atomic actions are called, for example: "Make an outgoing call in the home region", a request is formed/sent, platform components involved in the action are called according to the prescribed interface.
  4. The result of the actions is recorded and presented as a report in Jenkins.
The system can test a number of services:
  • 1. Calls (outgoing, incoming, forwarded)
  • 2. Roaming
  • 3. Data*
  • 4. SMS
  • 5. Balance management
  • 6. Service Management 
  • 7. Change of billing plan
The system can automate the pre-configuration of test data and clear the test area after the end of the test plan run.
18 October 2021
Bercut participates in the meetup "Automated Quality Control of the Code and Development Processes"

On September 30, 2021, Roman Vorobyov, Software Production and Services Support department manager at Bercut, took part in the meetup "Automated Quality Control of the Code and Development Processes".

09 September 2020
Bercut has reached a new level of software quality

The company is celebrating its 25th anniversary with a technological achievement, providing Tele2 with an absolutely error-free implementation of a major release of the IN@Voice billing system. The success was a consistent result of an inclusive approach and work in partnership.

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