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18 August 2022 15 min to read
Hybrid approach and its advantages over the standard low-code development

Reputable research agencies, such as Gartner, forecast the stable growth of the low-code development technologies market, emphasizing changes in the paradigm and ongoing cost optimization efforts. There are many events taking place today where companies share their experience in implementing short-term cases. At one of such events we spoke about the nature of the hybrid approach and its advantages over the standard low-code development. 

24 January 2022 5 min. to read
Subscriber at the heart of the digital product ecosystem

According to KPMG research, "8 out of 10 C-level executives identify customer focus as the organization's top priority and a top digital strategy focus."

02 November 2021 2 min to read
Take control of customer experience and enhancing CX in telecom

Managing customer experience (CX) is a key driver of subscriber loyalty and revenue growth. As the Gartner research shows, 32% of respondents say that enhancing CX is a crucial point of digital transformation.

27 October 2021
Billing evolution and trends in telecom

Billing systems enable calculating subscription fees and issuing bills to each subscriber, storing comprehensive tariff data and history of subscriber’s actions, and supporting mutual settlements with other service providers.

10 min. to read
Bercut helps Tele2 create new products under other rules

Bercut remained in the shadow of Tele2 for a long time. The technological solutions delivered by the company to Tele2 have drastically changed the performance of that telecom giant. Making payments by a smartphone, retaining a mobile number after switch to another operator and selling unused traffic — all those services have been successfully implemented, also due to Bercut involvement as a BSS partner.