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11 March 2022
New functionality without bugs — a case of billing for a mobile operator

Hi, my name is Maxim Plavchenok, I’m in integration testing at Bercut. In September, my team achieved an important milestone: we got zero errors during integration testing of the billing system release for a mobile operator. It’s been a long way of two years, and today I will share how we managed to get there.

Products and Solutions Supply and Maintenance Department Manager, Maxim Plavchenok

On September 25th, 2019, Tele2 and Bercut, the provider of Business Support Systems, announced the launch of a one-of-a-kind product Market based on the IN@Voice billing system. It is the first and the only online platform where subscribers can buy and sell minutes and gigabytes.

2.5 M subscribers per month internet traffic volume over 1 PB > 50 M minutes and 400 K SMS were put up for sale > 1 M lots

The history of a 21-year partnership between Bercut and a communication service provider operating in 4 regions of the Russian Federation.

2+ M active subscriber base billing system replacement developing the ecosystem of partner services VoLTE technology launch transition to a new standard of digital communications new sources of revenue

In December 2015, Bercut partnered in launch of a mobile operator in a resort zone of one of the CIS countries.

570 000 subscribers 790 subscribers (during the holiday period) 10% transitions on MNP the largest subscriber base in the assigned territory