Group discounts
service penetration ― 0.2% for 1.5 months
TTM reduced by 30%
launch of a complex integration product
implementation period ― 6 months
Yet another successful project has been carried out by Bercut for Mobile Telecom-Service LLC, a mobile network operator in Kazakhstan serving millions of subscribers. With the new “Profit together” service based on Bercut platforms, subscribers can get group discounts on monthly fee. The service is one-of-a-kind in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Being a BSS partner of Mobile Telecom-Service LLC since 2013, Bercut has been regularly supplying the client with new releases of IN@Voice, a convergent billing system for long-term technology-driven business growth. In April 2021, the operator commissioned Bercut to develop the “Profit together” functionality for its subscribers. Earlier, the “Profit together” service based on IN@Voice was launched by another operator, and produced high profits.


repeat the functionality of a product previously installed by another Bercut partner in a short time
implement a complex integration product on a fundamentally different environment


Bercut handled the project in a creative manner by almost completely excluding the preliminary design phase. This became possible thanks to the well-coordinated cooperation between the two companies. Analytics, software engineers, functional and integration QA engineers worked together through all the steps, and many processes that are normally performed consecutively were done in parallel. 

Bercut Hybrid Integration Platform chosen as a tool for creating an integration layer between the billing system and the “Profit together” product considerably accelerated implementation. Applying the platform, Bercut benefited from using pre-built integrations and already created artifacts. Another advantage was that it simplified low-level coding.The offered solution includes Kafka component and the IN@Voice billing system by Bercut which generates events for Business Rules Engine (BRE Bercut), an automated system for intelligent event processing.  

BRE enables the operator to flexibly configure its products by using microservices and combining business scenarios via a convenient web interface. This fully complies with the no-code approach as no additional development is needed.  

Testing was conducted on the Bercut’s instance almost similar to the production environment. For that to happen, the customer provided the information about service conditions and data plans in advance, and a de-identified copy of the subscriber base. This and early approval of the testing procedure enabled Bercut to simulate close to real conditions and pass the acceptance testing without any complaints



converged billing system for business monetization and development of digital ecosystems

Hybrid Integration Platform

HIP is the basis for integrations, creating products and automating business processes

Business Rules Engine

is an automated system for intelligent event processing


  1. The nonstandard approach and the well-designed process, from idea to commercial service, reduced time-to-market by more than 30% ― up to 6 months.
  2. Just 1.5 months after the launch, service penetration reached 0.2% of the entire subscriber base.
  3. Thanks to the Hybrid Integration Platform, the product was integrated with the client’s billing system, and Bercut implemented exactly the same functionality that was already in use by another partner.
  4. The operator took advantage of BRE to configure the “Profit together” service on its own thus reinforcing its long-term strategy.

The team showed its best. We managed to shorten the implementation time, and ensured smooth launch. Subscribers can already benefit from the new service, and we are proud of the result.
Alexander Silkin

Alexander Silkin,

International Business Development Manager

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