HIP Bercut Named Digital Ecosystem Development Tool of the Year

30 November 2022

Bercut received the LOW-CODE AND INTEGRATION PLATFORM — DIGITAL ECOSYSTEM DEVELOPMENT TOOL OF THE YEAR award at the XXII CNews Awards 2022 Ceremony on November 1, 2022. Bercut got the prestigious award for the Hybrid Integration Platform product and the Hypothesis Lab case implemented for Rostelecom using the aforementioned solution.

Bercut’s partner aimed to create more new digital products while lowering launch expenses. Bercut advocated using HIP — its proprietary hybrid integration platform, which includes no-code, low-code, and pro-code tools. Due to the convenience of creating MVPs, simple hypothesis testing, and the usable development tools, the platform allowed for up to a 30% reduction in time to market and resources spent on launching new digital goods, depending on their complexity.

“I am confident that in the coming years, the majority of business tasks will be solved using platform products. This simplifies and speeds up the processes, allowing you to focus on the heart of the idea rather than its implementation. It’s similar to driving a car, where we don’t need to understand the mechanics to get from point A to point B.”

Integrations on the platform use ready-made connectors, while the Service Creation Studio low-code graphical tool provides for easy adaption and business logic updates. The platform is accessible to users of various skill levels, allowing clients to create new technological products, automate business processes, and tackle complex integration problems on their own.

“We currently own a sophisticated platform capable of automating and handling practically any digital work. We are ready and happy to share our professional expertise with businesses and the community,” comments Andrey Bogdanov.

P.S. We are grateful to our partner Rostelecom and the award’s founders — the editorial office of CNews — for recognizing our product.