Bercut Upgrades Its Solutions to Launch Mixx Tele2 Plan Builder

23 December 2022

The upgrades allow end users to select a ready-made plan from the operator’s offerings, adjust its components as they see fit, and create their own telecom and non-telecom subscription packages from scratch, paying only for the services they require. The tool is available not only to Tele2 customers, but also subscribers of other mobile operators. This is a one-of-a-kind product for the Russian telecoms market, with no comparable products in the country.

The solution’s functionality is built on a number of Bercut systems and services, such as the Unified Product Catalog, Order Management System, and Balance Management. Bercut performed research, developed new EPC solution services and Alian Subs Solution Services, optimized Bercut Software (IN@Voice, BRE, and HIP), and made significant efforts to upgrade the existing systems. Upon completion of the project, the Bercut team held a workshop training.

As the project had exceptionally tight implementation timelines, it was critical to address the challenges of integrating multiple systems in a short period of time.

“Bercut stands out for its well-coordinated teamwork. We were confident in our team when we started the Mixx project since our company hires real experts who are results-oriented. This allowed us to handle a big amount of work,” notes Vladimir Ivanchenko, Senior Project Manager at Bercut.

Yelena Teterina, First Deputy General Director for Tele2, stressed that Mixx is a project that has brought together the Bercut and Tele2 teams.

 “We collaborate with Tele2 to build valuable, relevant, and high-demand products, and this project has brought IT and business together like never before, demonstrating the benefits of a partnership approach. Our business client appreciates the plan builder greatly. The company sees a bright future for this product.”

Feedback from Tele2 only serves to validate the aforementioned points. Daria Nemchaninova, Senior Project Manager for Tele2 Product Development, comments on the launch of Mixx:

“It was legendary! It may seem unbelievable, but work was done in four areas simultaneously: finding and integrating partner services to be included in Mixx; providing Tele2 subscribers with a flexible plan builder; providing other operators’ subscribers with a plan builder; and transitioning from the previous architecture to the new one. In a short period of time, the project team:
  • finalized 23 systems [used in Tele2], seven of which were completely new;
  • developed about 600 use cases;
  • prepared about 1,800 test cases;
  • fulfilled about 1,200 setup requests;
  • integrated 11 partners;
  • incorporated the use of promo codes from 7 partners;
  • composed around 200 texts.
We were able to create the Mixx plan builder, a sophisticated and multi-component product, thanks to the talented and experienced Bercut team.”