What actions to take in the low-code ‘outbreak’?

04 October 2022

On October 4, TAdviser, Russia’s largest portal and organizer of events on corporate informatization, will hold the second “Low-code Day” conference, where Artem Ukhlov, Product Manager, will make a presentation on behalf of Bercut.

According to TAdviser the current state of corporate informatization can without exaggeration be called “the rising of the Low-code star”. The TAdviser “Low-code Day 2022” conference, to be held on October 4, 2022, will focus on the current situation on the IT market with Low-code tools integrated and ways to dramatically improve the efficiency of informatization processes through Low-code.

The presentation of Bercut Company is based on an urge to create some guidelines for CIOs of major enterprises on effective implementation of low-code platforms. In his presentation, Artem Ukhlov will highlight the ‘fears’ faced by companies interested in implementing low-code which make them give up at the early stage.
Based on the personal experience of Bercut and its partners, Artem will explain how a hybrid approach allows CIOs to “to find Zen” while being torn both between top management expectations and team resistance, and how to unlock the capacities of low-code platforms.