Bercut spoke at the SQA Days conference

28 April 2021
The offline conference gathered about 1000 participants, and Maxim spoke to a large audience for the first time in a face-to-face format.
“It's great when a topic evokes response and interest. You understand that you are trending, that others use the same testing tools as we do. In general, it is definitely necessary to attend such events - this is the focus of all industry trends, an opportunity to exchange experiences and adopt interesting ideas. For example, functionality maps as a method for assessing coverage by autotests, merging the integration and functional approaches to testing - we will have what to discuss with colleagues and what to improve in processes, ”says Maxim Plavchenok, Director of Delivery and Maintenance of Bercut Products and Solutions.

“SQA Days has been gathering the best testing specialists from Russia, the CIS and Europe for 14 years. In two days, in three parallel sections, more than 50 reports and master classes are held on load testing, introduction to security, automation and automation tools, uncommon types of testing and their implementation, as well as working with a team. On October 29-30, Moscow will host SQA Days-29 (, and we will again be glad to see Bercut among the participants, ”says Eldar Sultanov, SQA Days Project Manager.